Curacao 2

Curacao is off the coast of Venezuala. There is a lot of ship traffic that goes by the island. Many of the ships are oil tankers.

This is a flower by the caves that we went to.

Curacao is very dry (but not today!). There are a lot of cactus on the island.

This is some creature we saw in the rocks by the caves. It looks like a hermit crab, but I think it must be something different because we were not very close to the water.

Some more big cactus by the caves.

This is one of a few pictures from inside the caves. We could not take pictures in most places. There was one very large room where they did let us take pictures. It had an opening in the ceiling which let in light, so green algea grew on the moist walls. You can't tell from the picture how big the room is, but the rocks go about 30 feet high in this picture.

The white spot is the hole where the light comes in. It is probably about 40 to 50 feet high.

More cactus.

We had lunch in an open air restaurant. The birds would quickly swoop down on peoples tables after the people left. This bird is getting some butter out of a package.

... and getting some bread to go with it.